Minecraft Hardcore Tutorial

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Tutorial for surviving in Minecraft Hardcore Mode

#0 Intro

This is a guide for Hardcore Mode in Minecraft. Hardcore Mode is a game mode variant of survival, but with the difference the difficulty is higher, but most of all, you can’t respawn after death and your world will be deleted instead.

In this guide I’m going to try to help you beating the game that might be one of the hardest games ever to beat on its hardest setting that has ever been made. So beware, one wrong step and it’s all over…


#1 The Surface

On the first day, when you spawn, the first thing to do is finding the closest tree and gather at least 4 pieces of wood. Make some planks with your wood, craft a crafting table and craft a wooden pickaxe.

Find the nearest stone and mine at least 8 blocks of stone. If you can’t find any, just dig down a few blocks. But note to NEVER dig straight down because you could fall into a ravine or into lava, which means it’s over already.

Go back to the surface and craft a Stone Axe, Stone Pickaxe and a Stone Sword. Throw away your wooden pickaxe, because you won’t need it anymore and get some wood with your stone tools.
Make sure you get about 50 pieces of wood.

When you’re done, start looking on the surface for caves, on your way, kill cows, chickens and pigs to get 10-50 pieces of meat. Keep looking for a cave on the surface until you find one, but if you can’t find a cave and it’s already getting darker, dig down (but not straight down) and try to find a cave system under the ground, but don’t take risks.


#2 The Cave

 When you descend in the cave, search at first for coal. When you find coal, craft an oven and cook your meat. From now on, make sure you keep your hunger meter full at all times, regenerating health might save your life and eating in the middle of combat can be hard to do.

If you have enough cooked meat, you’re ready to descend to the depths. Now you have to look for iron, as soon as you have 32 pieces, make a stop on a save place and smelt your iron in the oven.
With your iron ingots, craft and iron sword, full iron armor, an iron pickaxe and a bucket. Your iron armor is very important! It will make it very tough to take you down. But be careful, armor doesn’t protect you against falling damage. You can use your bucket (filled with water) to save your life if you fall down a ravine, or in case of a sudden lava spill. Make sure to keep your bucket with water always in your hotbar.

Once you are fully equipped, go further down. Your goals will be gathering a full stack of iron, a full stack of coal and getting at least 7 pieces of diamond. (2 for a sword, 3 for a pickaxe, and 2 for an enchanting table) Diamond can be hard to find: it only appears very rarely in the bottom 16 layers of the map. You can see on which level you are by pressing ‘F3’, which will show your current coordinates on screen. ‘y’ is how many blocks you are away from the lowest layer

When you’re finished mining, when you don’t have any food left, or when your inventory is full, go back to the surface and build a house.


#3 House Building

It’s very important to make a strong and safe house, to protect you from various sources of danger to  your buildings and yourself. Creepers can make holes in your wall and suddenly you are not safe anymore for any mob. Use these most common techniques to counter them.
To begin, never build your house out of wood. It looks nice, but it is fragile for explosions and flammable. You better make your house out of cobblestone, most likely 2 blocks thick.
Also use a lot of windows, but only 1 block high, to make sure to not be surprised by a mob waiting for you outside. Keep your house and the area outside well lit, mobs only spawn on a low light level.
Also try to make your building high, so you can easily find your home back.

If you have enough iron, you can create Iron Golems to defend your territory. These metal wonders will deal lots of damage to any mobs that com near it.

You can build a ditch deep enough that the mobs who fall in can’t get out anymore. Don’t use ladders to get to your house, since mobs can climb ladders. This doesn’t work for spiders, because they can climb walls.

To effectively protect your house for spiders, completely cover your house with a roof. Cats are very effective to keep creepers away. If you don’t have any, a wall or a cactus wall will prevent them coming to your house. Skeletons are dangerous because they can fire arrows through gaps in your defenses. Wherever possible, fill open gaps.


#4 Farming

Farming can be a good source of food and in Hardcore Mode it can be very helpful. These are forms of farming I would recommend you to do it when possible.

Wheat Farming: Wheat is a good source of food, is a way to lure animals and to breed animals.
Tree  Farming: Gives you wood, apples for food, and saplings which  you can use in the oven.
Sugar Cane Farming: For paper which is required for a map and for books (enchantment table).
Pumpkin Farming: To make Iron Golems and to hide from mobs.
Cactus Farming: Can be used to trap mobs.
Animal Farming: Breed cows, pigs and chickens for food.
Mob Farming: Creating spawn rooms for hostile mobs, to be killed for their drops and for experience.


#5 Nether

After building your Nether portal you can go to the Nether, a very dangerous step in completing Hardcore Mode. To prepare for going to the Nether, you need at least a diamond sword, an iron armor, an iron pickaxe and a bow (with enough arrows). Make sure to enchant them with 1-skill-point enchantments. It barely costs anything but can make a difference.
You will also need a flint and steel, this is useful for relighting your portal if it is deactivated. If you don’t bring one and your portal is deactivated, you stuck forever in the nether. Also bring enough wood, iron, coal and food. You can bring some snowballs for fighting blazes.

Your goals to collect in the nether are:

Blaze Rods - necessary to craft eyes of ender, a brewing stand and to brew strength potions. You can obtain them by killing blazes. Please don’t try to fight blazes with your bow, because it eats your arrow supply and most of the blaze rods would land out of your range. Try to collect at least 8 blaze rods.
Nether Ward - necessary for brewing potions, you can find them in nether fortresses. If you can collect 5 of them it should be enough.
Ghast Tears - needed in regeneration potions.
Glowstone dust - useful for strengthening your potions and for lighting.


#6 Surface Exploration

Now you have to do the last preparations to get ready for The End.

At this point you have two main goals: Ender Pearls and Experience, also collect as many arrows as possible, enchant your bow and your diamond sword with high level enchantments. Turn 15-20 ender pearls into eyes of ender. Brew all the potions you will need for surviving The End.


#7 The End

To make sure the end won’t be your end, prepare yourself properly. You will need

Diamond sword, pickaxe, bow and iron armor. Enchant all non-enchanted tools.
At least 16 pieces of food, preferably steak or porkchop. All the arrows you have. (at least 128)
64 blocks of cobble, 2 buckets of water. Potions of regeneration, Potions of Strength, Splash potions of healing.

Once you gather yourself and organize your inventory, jump into the portal and meet your fate. Avoid looking at any endermen while you’re taking out the obsidian healing towers, and fighting the enderdragon. When-and-if you defeat the Enderdragon…

Gather the experience orbs, make your way up to the portal and jump in, enjoy the credits, return to your original spawn point and see if you can survive any longer in the main world.

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